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Reasons Why People should Play Positive Politics in a Society It is rough to remove politics from any society since the people are now used to it. It is a way of getting new leaders to take over the control of any nation. Over a long period, so many people have been suffering from the effects of politics not done in the right ways. Therefore, the politicians should adopt positive politics to take care of this. This means that positive politics has a lot of benefits to most of the people in a society. This report highlights some of the reasons why leaders should get involved in positive politics. The first benefit of positive politics is that it enhances peaceful coexistence of the society members. Politics is one of the leading causes of conflicts among the people in a nation. In most cases, it lead to wars among communities. This sometimes lead to massive destruction of property and loss of lives. Therefore, the leaders can evade this by practicing positive politics. it means that one may not have issues with those living next to them. The second benefit of positive politics is that it ensures proper development of a country. So many things will grow if this happens in any nation. It allows this by ensuring that there are no conflicts among the occupants of a country. Lack of freedom is one of the hindrances to most of the development projects in any country. Political tensions may bar them from accessing some parts of the country. Things like trade do not move on as required which interferes with the growth of the country. The conflicts that also arise because of political tensions leads to destruction of so many properties reducing the rate of development. With positive politics, you are sure of getting the right leaders for the country. The choice of the leaders that a country will have depends so much on the type of politics in place. Positive politics provider a fairground for the voters to choose the ones that they like most. This is because they are awarded the freedom of expression. Failure to award such freedoms will ensure that they do not elect the best ones. This is because sometimes fear is created which prevents them from voting which ensures that the wrong leaders get the chance. Positive politics will ensure that the nation has a good reputation. It guides the types of relationships that exits between the various countries in the world. However, in situations of political tensions, very few nations would want to be closer with that country. In conclusion, this report has discussed some of the benefits that a society can get as a result of positive politics. How I Became An Expert on How I Became An Expert on

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