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Prefabricated Homes.

Architects and artists are expected to deploy appropriate techniques to design attractive, comfortable, durable and safe structures. There are many notable individuals who made important and long lasting contributions to the world of architecture with their work being deployed till today. The works of the architects have made it possible for modern buildings to be built while referring to the guidelines they introduced. Among the many architects, one of the greatest architect of all times introduced various styles that led to unique buildings. The architect was responsible for the design and construction of some of the most famous structures seen as masterpieces due to their uniqueness.

One of the styles associated with the architect include horizontal lines especially for residential homes. The horizontal lines for residential homes created wider looking and added sprawl to the structures compared to the original footprint. The architect initialized the use of pre made or mass produced commercial materials during the construction of buildings. The commonly used pre made materials include fiberglass, wood, glass, concrete stones, plastics and many more materials. Extended roof lines and open floors are other styles associated with the architect and they differed from traditional structures.

The architect extended the roof lines beyond the exterior walls to get better looking and attractive structures. Most buildings during the era were designed to resemble boxes and the floors were segmented. Open floor plans made the structures look impressive and unique and at the same time improved on space usage. It was the architect's wish that buildings should not degrade or destroy the environment but rather create better looking surroundings. His works were associated with buildings that flowed with the surroundings or blended perfectly with the environment. Designing structures flowing with the environment encouraged others to deploy environmental friendly techniques and materials to conserve the environment. Intensive glass usage is another style associated with the architect and this enabled more light to enter the structures.

Full glass walls were sometimes used to allow for clear visibility and for customers to see the interiors from outside. As mentioned before, the architect also specialized in interior design and as such introduced customized light fixtures, furniture and others. The architect complemented the glass designs by using light fixtures both indoors and outdoors to get added visibility and better looks. The light fixtures were made having overhanging caps, straight lines and stained glass exteriors. The customized furniture composed of clean straight lines and uniquely styled geometries. Pre made materials makes it possible for anyone to own attractive, comfortable and durable homes because these materials are not expensive and can be acquired easily due to being readily available.

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