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Common Causes of Furnace Leaking Water in Winter

A vital appliance that you should invest in to make your home comfortable during winter is a furnace. After the installation, homeowner, usually ignore the vital appliance until it stops working. A furnace requires routine maintenance for optimal performance. During winter, most homeowners usually experience a furnace leaking water that interferes with its performance. A normal working furnace usually generate condensation that should come out using the drain and condensate line that is provided. If the drain line is affected, water will start leaking from your furnace which is not a good thing. The right approach to handle the issue is hiring the right experts such as F.H. Furr to do the necessary repairs. Some people do not always understand what causes a leaking furnace that you will learn by reading the article herein.

To begin with, it might be because of a faulty condensate drain. Every working furnace usually condensation as a result of the heating process. In a furnace, there is the furnace line which should aid the removal of the condensation. The condensate line usually collect the condensation and channel it to the drain line. Be sure to notice a leak from your furnace is the drain line is faulty. During winter, the condensation is likely to freeze on the drain line thus causing clogging. The most suitable technique that experts such as F.H. Furr use to get rid of the ice is melting it using warm water.

Next, clogged air filter or evaporator might be responsible for the leaking water in your furnace. The clogged air filter is a common issue experienced by a split HVAC system. A split HVAC system means that it has both the air conditioning unit and furnace acting as an air handler. The function of the air filter is to get rid of debris that might be present before passing it over the evaporator coils for heating. If the air filters get dirty, the capability to filter will be lowered thus making condensation to get stuck on the condensate line. The result will be a furnace leaking water.

A vital part of the furnace is the secondary heat exchanger. Be sure of leakages from your furnace is the heat exchanger is not working properly. Therefore, you should contact the right experts to routinely check the furnace secondary heat exchanger for holes, rust, soot, and holes that can compromise the performance by hiring the right experts; F.H. Furr. The only option available if the secondary heat exchanger is damaged is buying a new one.

Finally, a leaking humidifier can be the cause of the leaking in your furnace. The role of the humidifier is usually to dry the air. Issues related to the furnace humidifier requires expertise hence you should contact F.H. Furr. To sum up, a leaking furnace is usually a bad sign that can eventually interfere with the effectiveness hence you should find experts such as F.H. Furr to resolve the issue.Recommended reference: navigate here

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