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How To Mix And Match Earrings

Earrings were among the first types of jewelry. One can spice up their look using earrings. It is important to know what earring is used where.
Dangle earrings, hoop earrings and stud earrings are the types of earrings that one can find.
Hoop earrings come in handy when one is in the mood of making a bold statement and being more visible.
They work better with messy hairstyle. They bring out a casual or classic look. If a person is looking to have the facial features elongated using earrings, then teardrop hoops are the perfect solution.
Post earrings contain a post as well as a backing enclosure. Post earrings can be worn to fancy occasions. Post earrings can also have dangles as part of their features or gemstones.
One can accessorize stud earrings very easily and they are widely used by many people. Studs can be a good way to avoid the hassles and weight of dangle earrings.
Dangle earrings are a statement piece speaking volumes about your earring jewelry.
Mixing and matching earrings is a current emerging trend. The trick is in knowing how to do the mixing and matching.
There are some tips one should consider when mixing and matching earrings such as; the event or occasion, the outfit you are wearing, your own sense of style, simplicity, mismatching and current trends on mixing and matching.
The neckline is good indicator of how one will mix and match the earrings and the type of earrings to choose. An outfit whether classy, simple or plain has share on how one will mix and match.
The nature of the event tells one what approach to take in mixing and matching in terms of simple earrings for simple occasions and classier earrings for classier occasions.
One should incorporate their own fashion sense and style to the process. this helps a person feel more comfortable when trying this daring new trend.
One can do it through mismatching the earring with different pieces. However when mismatching one should not go overboard.
Another thing to consider is the simplicity in the other accessories and jewelry.
The hairstyle also brings it altogether. What earrings you will use is set by what kind of hairstyle you have.
Following current trends for mixing and matching helps a lot in giving a clear picture on how it should be done. Seeking opinion from others also helps with this area.
this new style of wearing earrings needs one to be very confident in how they carry themselves when they mix and match their earrings.

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